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Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Buchanan General Hospital has a corporate compliance program as part of its commitment to provide quality care and conduct business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

What We Do

Buchanan General Hospital has adopted Standards of Conduct to give all employees an understanding of what is expected of them in the work environment. Buchanan General Hospital also maintains an open communication policy for employees.

If employees become aware of violations of the Standard of Conduct, hospital policies or procedures, or applicable laws or regulations, they have an obligation to report such violations. Buchanan General Hospital prohibits any form of retaliation or retribution against anyone for reporting problems in good faith through the regular channels of communication or to the Hotline. Callers to the Hotline are assured anonymity of confidentiality to the limit of the law.

What You Can Do

Employees are encouraged to take the following steps if they have compliance questions or concerns:

Talk with an immediate supervisor or manager
Contact the Compliance Officer (276) 935-1106
Call the employee Hotline. (Ethics Line) 1-800-500-0333