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Our History

Buchanan General Hospital History

Since its establishment in Grundy, Virginia, in 1979, Buchanan General Hospital has provided high-quality medical care to the people of Buchanan County and the surrounding counties in Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia. The 134-bed hospital is staffed with skilled physicians of various specialties, and employs over 300 dedicated support staff. Services include: Acute Care; Emergency Care; Cardiac Care; Cancer Care; Intensive Care; Outpatient Services; Physical Therapy; Respiratory Therapy; Diagnostic Imaging; Nuclear Medicine; General Surgical Services.

Serving The Needs of Buchanan County and the Surrounding Area

Through the sacrifices of many, Buchanan General Hospital has provided a tradition of caring for over thirty two years; providing the best of care, close to home to the residents of this mountainous region. Being part of the community has been an important goal since our beginning in October 1979. With your help and loyalty we can continue to grow and provide even better health services on which you can depend far into the future.