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Patients & Visitors
Patient Focused Care

Buchanan General Hospital will be the primary provider of health care services for our community by utilizing both primary and affiliated services. BGH will provide those services by ensuring value through highly competent staff, certification, state of the art equipment and a culture of safety.

BGH Employment

Buchanan General Hospital has provided high-quality medical care to the people of Buchanan County and the surrounding counties in Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia. The 111-bed hospital is staffed with skilled physicians of various specialties, and employs over 300 dedicated support staff.

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Three people (two females and a male) standing next to one another with a "contact us" sign in front of them
Three people (two females and a male) standing next to one another with a "contact us" sign in front of them

Contact Us

We want to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments concerning Buchanan General Hospital, our services or this web site, please feel free to contact us.

Contact Information

Buchanan General Hospital
1535 Slate Creek Road
Grundy, VA 24614


(276) 935-1000

Department Phone Numbers

The area code for all departments is (276)
TDD Users Call 935-1143
Administration 935-1101
Business Office 935-1129
Credit Department 935-1243
Emergency Department 935-1152
Health Information Management 935-1273
Release of Information 935-1274
Rural Health Clinics 935-1167
Human Resources 935-1393
Laboratory 935-1140
To reach a patient in a private room
Dial 276-935-1 + patients room number. (Example: 276-935-1303)
To reach a patient in a semi private room
Dial Bed A 276-935-1 + patient room number. (Example: 276-935-1303)
Dial Bed B 276-935-1 + patient room number + 30 (Example: 276-935-1333)
Patients in the following room numbers can be reached by dialing
Dial Bed 310B 276-935-1340
Dial Bed 311B 276-935-1341
Dial Bed 320B 276-935-1350
Dial Bed 321B 276-935-1351
Dial Bed 322B 276-935-1352
Physical Therapy 935-1290
Public Relations and Marketing 935-1167
Radiology 935-1134
Social Services 935-1253
Utilization Review 935-1247
Nurses Stations:
     Operating Room 935-1370
     Third Floor Nursing Station 935-1377
Waiting Rooms:
     Emergency Room 935-1150
     Intensive Care 935-1447
     Surgery 935-1375